The tattoos of Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has been under the spotlight for many reasons and one of them is because she loves petite tattoos. The three most famous are: the monogram letter “M” tattooed on her left hand that stands for her grandmother’s name, Madeleine, between her index finger and thumb; the one on the side of her left hand that says “Paradise” in cursive and on the right hand she has the “trust no one” epic quote.

tattoo12 tattoo04 tattoo03
Apart from those, Lana has more four known permanent ones including “Whitney Amy” on her upper right part of her chest; “Nina Billie” on her upper left part of her chest; “Nabokov Whitman” on her right forearm and “Chateau Marmont” on her left forearm. Sometimes she also makes non-permanent tattoos on her hands and removes them, for example, ‘Life is beautiful’ and an infinity sign,

whitneyamy ninabillie
cm nabokovwhit

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