2013 : Versace Fashion Show | Get The Look

Lana Del Rey attended the Versace Fashion in Milan, Italy on February 22, 2013. The Fashion Show was for their fall / winter collection , and Del Rey wore Versace head to toe. She wore a Versace Lace JacketVersace Knee High Boots, and a Versace Black Clutch. Here we have the following items with details, links and prices.

Get The Look : 

Spring 2013 RTW Lace Jacket by Versace (out of stock)

Knee High Boots by Versace, $1.895

Black Clutch by Versace, $695 (similar)

Versace Fashion Show Milan

Lana Del Rey’s Most Stylish Moments Ever

Lana Del Rey has done it all, from red carpets to magazine covers, her glamours style has made her fashion icon. Throughout the years Del Rey has brought a unique sense of style showing her hollywood glamour to even everyday looks. Here are some of Del Rey’s Most Stylish Moments Ever, followed along with links, prices and details!

Met Ball 2012

Lana Del Rey attended the 2012 Met Ball at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala in New York City on May 7th, 2012. Del Rey wore a Custom black-and-silver hand-embroidered gown, silk Georgette Cape. along with dark make up and an Oxblood Lipstick.

Get the look:

Black-and-silver hand-embroidered gown by Joseph Altuzarra (Custom Made)

Silk Georgette Cape (Custom Made)

Met Gala Makeup Tutorial


2012 Met Ball

Cannes Film Festival 2012

Lana Del Rey attended the 2012 Cannes Film Festival’s Opening Ceremony which was held at Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France on May 16th, 2012. Del Rey wore a Black Strapless Gown by Alberta Ferretti followed along with a Salvatore Ferragamo Edith Minaudiere.

Get the look: 

Strapless Gown by Alberta Ferretti (2012 Limited Collection)

Salvatore Ferragamo Edith Minaudiere, $1.435






66th Cannes Film Festival / The Great Gatsby  Premiere 2013

Lana Del Rey attended the opening ceremony of the 66th Cannes Film Festival at Palaid des Festivals along where they first displayed The Great Gatsby , which features Young and Beautiful. The festival took place in Cannes, France on May 16th 2013. Del Rey wore a Lena Hoschek Gown along with a her signature retro modern Makeup.

Get the look:

Spring 2013 RTW Gown by Lena Hoschek 

Del Rey’s Retro Modern Makeup

Cannes 2013



Charity Dinner 2013

Lana Del Rey attended a Charity Dinner at Grill Royal Restaurant In Berlin. Del Rey wore a Red Phoenix Dress made by Catherine Dean for the exclusive Pre-Fall 2013 Collection. This charity dinner took place in Berlin on March 20th, 2013.

Get the look:

Red Phoenix Dress by Catherine Deane, $658.50 (sold out)

Charity dinner


L’Officiel Paris 2013

Lana Del Rey covered the L’Officiel Paris April Issue 2013 which was photographed by Nicole Nodland. Del Rey wore a Black Cut Dress and Bustier Dress , which were all apart of a limited edition 2013 Collection.

Get the look: 

Spring 2013 RTW Black Cut Out Dress by Roberto Cavalli

Spring 2013 RTW Bustier Dress by Bottega Veneta




Fashion Magazine 2013

Lana Del Rey covered Fashion Magazine for the Summer 2013 issue. Del Rey wore Bra Top and a Pink Tartan Skirt.

Get the look:

Spring 2013 RTW Bra Top by Catherine Malandrino, $165

Spring 2013 RTW SkirtSkirt by Pink Tartan, $325

Fashion Magazine 2013

Golden Globes 2015

Lana Del Rey attended the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on January 11th, 2016.  She was Nominated for her song Big Eyes, for the category of Best Original Song. Del Rey channeled her inner Marilyn and truly paid tribute by wearing a Vintage Travilla Gown that demonstrated her love and inspiration for Marilyn Monroe.

Get the look:

Vintage Travilla Gown (designer unknown)

Golden Globe


BRIT Awards 2016

Lana Del Rey attended the 2016 Brit Awards where she was nominated for International Female Solo Artist. The award ceremony took place at the The O2 Arena in London, England on February 24, 2016. She wore an Embroidered Floral Dress along with some Marlowe Platform Sandals. Visit our post on The BRIT Awards 2016 for The Get The Look followed by an Inspired Look!

Get the look:

Embroidered Floral Dress by Monique Lhuillier $5.495

Marlowe Platform Sandal by Monique Lhuillier $895


2016: BRIT Awards | Get The Look

Lana Del Rey attended the 2016 Brit Awards where she was nominated for International Female Solo Artist. The award ceremony took place at the The O2 Arena in London, England on February 24, 2016. She wore an Embroidered Floral Dress along with some Marlowe Platform Sandals. Here is the Get The Look followed by our Inspired Look with the details, links and prices for all the clothing.

Get the look:

Embroidered Floral Dress by Monique Lhuillier $5.495

Marlowe Platform Sandal by Monique Lhuillier $895

BRIT Awards 2016


Inspired look:

Floral Maxi Dress, $25

Sandals, $81(Learn how to add a fluffly slide)

Inspired BRIT 2016

2016: ‘Freak’ music video | Inspirational Look

One of the most controversial music videos of Lana Del Rey couldn’t have a more simple look! For the music video she wore a Headband, Floral Lace Top, and White Shorts. For the Premiere she wore a Vintage Red Top and a White Pencil Skirt.  Find two inspired looks along with the details, links, and prices from the clip itself and the premiere event at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, California on February 9th, 2016.

Lana Del Rey “Freak” Music Video Inspirational Look:

Headband, $8

Floral Lace Top, $48

White shorts, $42


The tattoos of Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey has been under the spotlight for many reasons and one of them is because she loves petite tattoos. The three most famous are: the monogram letter “M” tattooed on her left hand that stands for her grandmother’s name, Madeleine, between her index finger and thumb; the one on the side of her left hand that says “Paradise” in cursive and on the right hand she has the “trust no one” epic quote.

tattoo12 tattoo04 tattoo03
Apart from those, Lana has more four known permanent ones including “Whitney Amy” on her upper right part of her chest; “Nina Billie” on her upper left part of her chest; “Nabokov Whitman” on her right forearm and “Chateau Marmont” on her left forearm. Sometimes she also makes non-permanent tattoos on her hands and removes them, for example, ‘Life is beautiful’ and an infinity sign,

whitneyamy ninabillie
cm nabokovwhit

2014: Sweetlife Festival | Inspirational Look

Lana Del Rey headlined the fifth annual Sweetlife Festival in Columbia, Maryland which was held at the Merriweather Post Pavilion. She wore a Vintage Easyriders Sweathshirt, Denim Shorts and Brown Boots.  Here is our inspired look with details, brands and prices from the festival which was took place on May 10th, 2014.

1987 Easyriders Motocycle sweatshirt, $35 (eBay auction)

Distorted denim shorts, $33

A pair of brown boots, $130


How to dress like Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey seems to exist outside of time as her style reminds us of decades past with her classy 60s inspired dresses, glamourous hairstyles and her 80s evocative biker girl looks.

From glamour to grunge, Lana’s unique style has recreated the vintage times of the 40s all through to the retro 80s and ends with her casual jeans, tee and baseball cap look. Her hair has also echoed the times: beautiful beehives, long 40s waves and a straight middle-parted 70s style.

Lana Del Rey has often referred to herself as the “Gangsta Nancy Sinatra.”

Dressing Like Lana 

When trying to replicate or borrow from Lana’s style, think The God Father, American Beauty and Mad Men! Think Priscilla Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Debbie Harry! Lana’s personality is also a very big part of her appearance. Her demure of young actresses from Old Hollywood only accenuate her big beauty queen hairstyle, vintage dreses, red lipsticks and faux fur coats even further.

Lana’s Fashion Staples

Lana has become well known for certain fashion items which have resonated well with her image and her fans. Obtaining and doing any of these will help you to emulate Lana’s look very easily!

  • Baseball Caps


Lana is spotted frequently in various baseballs caps. Get Lana’s signature New York Yankees baseball cap here

  • Jack Daniel’s t-shirts
Rock Werchter Festival in Werchter, Belgium (June 29, 2012)

Lana inspired the creation of Jack Daniel’s t-shirts with her name on them. Head over to Amazon US and Archetype to get your own. Alternatively, you can buy the original Jack Daniel’s t-shirts on their official website

  • Ferrari Jackets


Lana has a beloved collection of F1 Racing jackets, particuarly favouring the red Ferrari one. Search for the Ferrari Jackets on ebay.

  • Flower Crowns


Lana has become known for wearing a flower crown whilst performing live on her tours. However, one of Lana’s first appearances donning a flower crown was in the Born to Die music video. You can buy flower crowns from most high street stores such as New Look, TopShop and boohoo. Don’t forget to also check eBay and Etsy. Alternatively, learn how to make your own Lana inspired flower crown here.

  • Long False Nails


Lana is frequently seen wearing long acrylic false nails, which you can get done at a nail salon.  

  • Cat Eye Make-up


Lana’s style of makeup always varies, but she is often seen with a perfect cat eye eyeliner flick which is all thanks to her longtime make-up artist Pamela Cochrane. Here is what Cochrane has said about a typical and more natural Lana Del Rey look and how to achieve it (bare in mind, you can definitely use cheaper alternatives!):

Lips: “I prep Lana’s lip with an exfoliator, this plumps them up nicely and leaves a smooth canvas to work on. Then, add a touch of balm for moisture before lining the lips with pencil and adding color. To finish, I always go ‘round the lip with a slightly lighter shade of concealer, to give more definition. The Sarah Happ Red Velvet Lip Exfoliant is great, along with a Kiehl’s lip balm. I use various lipsticks and pencils, but Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks especially.” Tips for trying it out at home: “Be precise with the lip liner, keep it sharp and draw along the edge, not inside the natural line. This keeps your lip looking well defined, bold and full.”

Eyeliner: “A black gel liner and a long fine eyeliner brush are the most important tools for creating this look, along with a steady hand! It’s important to keep the line along the lash sharp and precise and not too thick. Pointy Q-tips are great for the finishing touches to the flick. A slightly darker shadow, finely drawn in the socket line adds that bit of sultry smokiness to the eye. It’s completed with fluffy lashes, which fits with Lana’s look.”

Inside Lana’s Make-Up Bag: “A few of my favourite products to use on Lana are Omorovicza Facial Mist, M.A.C. Fluidline Blacktrack, Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer Highlighters and Yves Saint Laurent mascara.”

On Forgetting the “Kardashian Kontour” Look: “Lana has great skin, so I don’t need to use much of a base. Often I find people will apply too much foundation and contouring, which can make everything look too heavy. The key is to keep the base as light as possible; the strength comes from the flick of the eye and the softly applied definition to the lip.”

Check out these looks for Lana Del Rey inspired make-up tutorials: 

Lana Del Rey Makeup Tutorial by Maya Mia

Lana Del Rey Makeup Transformation #2 by Miranda Hedman

Lana Del Rey Modern 60s Makeup Tutorial by Tanya Burr

Lana Del Rey’s Plump Lips & ’70s Makeup by Kandee Johnson

Lana Del Rey Makeup Tutorial – Blue Velvet H&M Campaign by CholFable

Lana Del Rey Makeup Tutorial by Britt Clark

Click here for more, including a LDR Zombie Transformation

  • Signature Hairstyles


Lana has many signature hairstyles, most of which seem to be emulating Old Hollywood Glamour. There is an endless amount of tutorials for how to get some of Lana’s key hairstyles. Her most admired are the beehive/bouffant and side swept waves/curls. 

Lana Del Rey Hair Tutorial – Blue Velvet H&M Campaign by CholFable

Lana Del Rey National Anthem Bouffant Hair Tutorial by CholFable

Lana Del Rey Vogue 2012 Retro Hair Curls Tutorial by Vogue.co.uk

Lana Del Rey Hair Inspired Side Swept Waves Tutorial by Dieu Linh

Lana Del Rey/Old Hollywood Hair Tutorial with extensions by daceyhapa

Lana Del Rey/Priscilla Presley Bouffant Hair Tutorial by Cassie Cottonsocks

Lana Del Rey / Ride Music Video Hair Tutorial by Cassie Cottonsocks

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